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10 questions to kick start your 2020!

2019 was an incredible year with environmental credentials now vying for priority with Digital Transformation on management agendas. With the backdrop of seismic change in the global trade landscapes and new change priorities from on high we can lose focus on our day to day services. We do so at our peril!

2020 will no doubt be an interesting year. CIO’s will come under more pressure to deliver improved services for less, organisations will need to transform, competition will step up. January is a good time to ask yourself a few challenging questions. Here are some of my favourites…

Ten great questions to ask about your service as an IT team –

1. What would your clients change if they were given the choice? Is this in your plan?

2. What would your users say that you should do or stop doing? Is this in your plan?

3. Does anyone actually care about your current service reports and metrics?

4. If your management team outsourced your whole function, what would the outsourcers say they would do better? Is this in your plan?

5. If you asked each person in your team what the top five IT risks to service were – would they give you the same answer? How many would be on your risk register?

6. What ratio of your teams time is spent improving service? Is it enough? How do you know?

7. If you asked your biggest client what they felt were the three most innovative things you had delivered to improve the service in the last 12 months would they look at you with a blank expression?

8. What is the cost of delivering the service? If you had to halve it without reducing service levels what would have to happen? Is this in your plan?

9. What would your team say is the most innovative thing about management?

10. What would management say is the most innovative thing about the teams that work for them?

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