Reframing Board Priorities in terms of three Rs: Resilience, Responsibilities, and Relationships

by Anita D. Millar Key Messages Resilience is a board level issue for financial services (FS) and non-FS firms. Resilience must be balanced (and potentially shaped) by a board’s responsibilities to its workforce and shareholders, and its relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Do not confuse minimising risk with maximising resilience. Digital resilience is […]

Does Risk Management need more fizz?

How many risk meetings are attended by business leaders because they feel they have to rather than they want to? Often the Risk Meeting is only slightly above having to read the Health and Safety policy each quarter in terms of interest. (Sorry, I am sure that somewhere in the world there is a Health […]

Why is Risk Management Key?

Risk management is sometimes missing in the first steps of projects, and even often forgotten when everything is fine… but it shouldn’t be.   Identifying risks help to step back, have a global overview and be able to ask the right questions and involve the right actors in the right timing. Risk discovery is never a waste […]